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 HMS Music, founded by Heidi Samuels-Hauss, is a successful piano studio offering lessons to children and adults of all ages from beginners through advanced.  HMS Music is located in the heart of Gloucester Township.  Lessons are given in the comfort of your home or in our studio. In-home lessons are a time Student01saving solution for busy parents and students, allowing students to learn in a safe and familiar environment.

Students are taught music theory and technique, utilizing enjoyable and successful methods that stimulate and motivate students to succeed.  In addition to individual lessons on the piano, instruction in music theory, as well as piano accompaniment are offered.  Students also have opportunities to perform in piano recitals as well as community service events.

We look forward to working with all our students to ensure the best learning experience possible.  Please use the online form or give Heidi a call at (856) 872-2057 to inquire about piano lessons.